Sex In A Can Fleshlight

Sex in a Can Pink Lotus Lager

Fleshlight producer designed new product especially for fleshlight stealth users. Fleshlight producer prepared the come back of the well-known idea of fleshlights hidden in a beer can – Sex in a Can. Now Fleshlight has designed completely new Sex in a Can Fleshlights with completely new sleeves. Only he stealth idea is the same. While your fleshlight is unused, you can just hide it by transferring it into a beer can. The beer can is not taking anybody’s attention. The Fleshlight Sex In a Can Sleeves are a bit smaller bit they are prviding the same sensations as original ones. They are just the mini versions of the fleshlight sleeves – Vortex, Speed Bump and Lotus. Sex in a Can offer features three terrific products – Pink Lotus Lager, Abbey’s Secret Ale and Spread Eagle Brew. Each Fleshlight Sex In A Can has got unique texture, entry and vinyl picture.

Sex in a Can Spread Eagle Brew Fleshlight