Fleshlight Vibro

VIBRO cyclone

Did you heard about The Fleshlight Vibro™. This is completely new generation of fleshlight sex toys. This brand new fleshlight presents a totally new vibrating system that no other male sex toy can provide. I’m sure you’re wondering how Fleshlight Vibro works? It is secret is hidden in fleshlight sleeves construction. Inside each fleshlight vibro sleeves there are a special pockets designed to insert unique bullets. Those bullets are nothing more than vibrating mini-engines with small batteries. Those bullets are small enough to fit perfectly to the sleeve’s holsters. To enhance your desires you can put up to three bullets maximum inside each Fleshlight Vibro Sleeve. That’s the easiest method to decide how intense your sensation will be. When you will insert only one vibrating bullets your sensations will be very delicate, putting maximum amount of them, the desires will blow your mind. Three bullet holsters are hidden on the back face of each vibro sleeve. All the Fleshlight Vibro Sleeves, just like the ordinary Fleshlight Sleeves are made from patented Real Feel SuperSkin. The Fleshlight Vibro edition is available with the 3 versions – the “Original” Fleshlight inner texture or with one of two totally new inner textures – The “Touch” and the “Cyclone” fleshlight sleeves. All of them were specially created to this new Fleshlight Vibro line.

touch vibro